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The following WAF member countries need visa to enter Malaysia: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Israel, Nigeria, Pakistan, Serbia.
Please contact your local Malaysian Consulate / Embassy for accurate info or IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT OF MALAYSIA http://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/main-services/visa/visa-requirement-by-country
Yellow Fever certificate is required to be produced upon landing in Malaysia for the following WAF member countries: Brazil, Cameroon, Nepal, Nigeria and South Africa
Most of the WAF member countries will receive 90 days or 30 days visa for free at the airport.
For VISA requirements please contact Muhammad Yunus: muhammad_yunus@icloud.com
Copy of passport is necessary for VISA requirements.
All visa applications should be sent before 30th August 2015. After this date the Host Federation cannot be held responsible for visa formalities.

visa policy of malaysia
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